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Conference Presentations

Document Unit Work Package File
WDB-Paleo: a paleo-climatic proxies database of marine sediment cores from the Mediterranean Sea CNR-IAMC WP 2.4 Icona del PDF Ferraro_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
Very high resolution simulations with COSMO-CLM over Alpine space: benefits versus costs CMCC WP 2.5 Icona del PDF Mercogliano_CORDEX_2013.pdf
Un approccio stocastico per la stima degli effetti dei cambiamenti climatici sulla distribuzione dei colmi di piena CMCC WP 2.5 Icona del PDF Vezzoli et al_IDRA_2014.pdf
Two thousand years of atmospheric metal deposition recorded by the ombrotrophic peat bog of Danta di Cadore (North-Eastern Italy) CNR-IDPA WP 1.6 Icona del PDF Poto_SGI_2014_Poto.pdf
Tree-­ring reconstructions of paste climate at the regional scale: extending back in time summer temperature variability in the Italian Alps and the central Mediterranean CGI WP 1.6 Icona del PDF Leonelli_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
The Mediterranean Sea long term reanalysis in the NextData project INGV WP 1.3 Icona del PDF SISC2017_6_Fratianni.pdf
The foothill aquifer system of the Piedmont Alpine zone: geology, hydrogeology and groundwater chemistry CNR-IGG WP 1.2 Icona del PDF Doveri_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
The Archive of datasets of the NextData project CNR-IGG WP 2.1 Icona del PDF Trumpy_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
The analysis of ice cores: from first pioneering studies to the modern continuous flow analysis systems CNR-IDPA WP 1.6 Icona del PDF Gabrieli_CGI_2014.pdf
Snowmelt mass and energy balance on a steep slope UNITO WP 2.6 Icona del PDF Ferraris_GeoScienze_2014.pdf
Sensitivity of snow models to the accuracy of the meteorological forcing in mountain environment: the NextSNOW experiment CNR-ISAC WP 2.6 Icona del PDF Terzago_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
Reworked Coccoliths: proxy to reconstruct Volturno hydrographic basin runoff variation CNR-IAMC WP 2.4 Icona del PDF Bonomo_SGI_2014.pdf
Performance comparison between two high resolution COSMO-CLM regional climate models for daily and sub-daily precipitation over the Alpine Region CMCC WP 2.5 Icona del PDF Reder et al_ICCARUS_2018.pdf
Paleoclimatic reconstruction from marine records of central and western Mediterranean area over last millennia CNR-IAMC WP 1.5 Icona del PDF SISC2017_4_Lirer.pdf
Paleoclimatic changes occurred during the last two millennia in the central and south Tyrrenian Sea: a contribution of NextData project CNR-IAMC WP 1.5 Icona del PDF Lirer et al_SGI-SIMP_2014.pdf
NextData model data and simulations: an outlook on the possible future climate for the Italian Peninsula and the Mediterranean basin CMCC WP 2.5 Icona del PDF SISC2017_7_Gualdi.pdf
Multitemporal glaciers inventory of the Italian Alps, a basic tool for reconstructing the ongoing climate change CGI WP 1.6 Icona del PDF Salvatore_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
Multi-proxy reconstruction of Eastern Alpine Holocene climate CNR-IDPA WP 1.4 Icona del PDF SISC2017_5_Gabrieli.pdf
Mid- to Late Holocene in the Dolomites (Eastern Italian Alps); climate and environmental dynamics inferred from pollen and geochemical analyses CNR-IDPA WP 1.6 Icona del PDF Segnana_SGI_2014.pdf
Marine sediment cores: archive of the Mediterranean Basin. A tool for Holocene climatic and environmental studies CNR-IAMC WP 2.4 Icona del PDF Alberico_SGI_2014.pdf