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Conference Presentations

Document Unit Work Package File
GIS analysis to apply theoretical Minimal Model on glacier flow line and assess glacier response in climate change scenarios DISAT-UNIMIB WP 1.4 PDF icon Moretti_SGI-SIMP_2014.pdf
Generation and use of high resolution cllimatic data for hydrological and impact studies CNR-ISAC WP 2.5 PDF icon Palazzi_GeoScienze_2014.pdf
General presentation of the NextDATA project, SISC conference, October 2017 Project PDF icon SISC2017_1_Provenzale.pdf
Evaluation of the performance of Regional Climate Models simulation at different spatial and temporal scale over the Alpine Region CMCC WP 2.5 PDF icon Reder et al_SISC_2018.pdf
Evaluation of climate patterns in a RCM using long-term records from SYNOP weather stations ENEA UTMEA WP 2.5 PDF icon Calmanti_SGI_2014.pdf
Development of theoretical minimal model on glacier flow line with GIS tool, to assess glacier response in climate change scenarios DISAT-UNIMIB WP 1.4 PDF icon Moretti_CGI_2014.pdf
Database of Italian mountain glaciers CNR-IGG SP 1 PDF icon SISC2017_3_Baroni.pdf
Comparison of post-processing techniques for COSMO-CLM precipitation over the Po basin CMCC WP 2.5 PDF icon Zollo et al_Annual_Meeting_CMCC_2013.pdf
Comparing weather station and isotopic data in the new Alpine ice core drilling site of Mt. Ortles (South Tyrol, Italy) CNR-IDPA WP 1.6 PDF icon Dreossi_CGI_2014.pdf
Climate change leads to more frequent fires in a Mediterranean environment CNR-ISAC WP 2.6 PDF icon Turco_Medclivar2014.pdf
Changes in extreme temperature and precipitation and their effects on the hydrological cycle of the Alpine region CMCC WP 2.5 PDF icon Gualdi_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf
Bilancio di massa e di energia di un pendio montano durante fusioni repentine del manto nevoso UNITO WP 2.6 PDF icon Ferraris_Dissesto idrogeologico e processi erosivi in ambiente collinare e montano_2014.pdf
Assessing climate change risks under uncertain conditions CNR-ISAC WP 2.6 PDF icon Provenzale_IAEG2014.pdf
A new database for reconstructing the spatial-temporal evolution of the glacial resource in the Italian Alps CGI WP 1.6 PDF icon Baroni_et_al_SISC_2018.pdf