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WP 2.1 Archives of mountain observation networks

The activities of WP2.1 are devoted to the quality control, validation and harmonization of data, metadata and information provided by WP1.1, WP1.2, WP1.4, WP1.5, WP1.6 and WP1.7. The aim of WP2.1 is to build an accessible archive of thematic datasets, with data and metadata validated, integrated and interoperable in the frame of the General Portal of NextData project (WP2.7). The data and the deliverables will be available on the archive of datasets implemented and hosted at CNR. CNR will provide all the information during the project and after its conclusion.

• Task 1. Definition of the procedures for quality control, validation, standardization and choice of the type of software for management of data and metadata within different archives.

• Task 2. Harmonization of data and metadata produced with different techniques and methodologies according to different standards. Development of an archive of thematic datasets and data access portals. Currently, the project considers four main types of data and metadata: (1) meteoclimatic data organized through systems based on GeoNetwork architecture; (2) atmospheric composition data, organized according to the GAW-WMO formats (e.g. NASA-AMES) complying with the quality control procedures; (3) cryospheric and hydrological resources data, organized according to the standards proposed by the Italian Glaciology Committee and hydrology and hydrogeology international organizations; (4) data on ecosystems and biodiversity, usually organized according to LTER-Europe, ILTER and European projects (ENV-Europe) standards; paleoclimatic data from sedimentary marine cores.