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WP 2.7 General Portal for data access

The data obtained by the measurement networks during the project will be collected in thematic archives, associated with the specific Work Packages discussed above. Some archives will be physical ones (ice cores, sediment cores, seed bank) and will be housed in ad hoc facilities set up during the course of the project. The meteoclimatic data produced by the measurement networks and stations, along with the results of numerical simulations and pilot studies, will be stored in appropriate digital archives. Each WP, in coordination with the others, will produce a thematic archive specific to the type of data considered. Many of the archives will be located in a single collection centre, while others will be located at the premises of participating institutions. For the end-user, however, it is necessary to access a single integrated system that provides access to data wherever they are, in an easy and clear manner. This will allow for the efficient management and coordination of possible and desirable additions to the database by other institutions joining the project later.

WP2.7 involves the design and implementation of an integrated information system allowing the sharing of data and metadata through specific web services from a single General Portal. This information system will be formed by a integrated GIS database for the management of environmental data from high-altitude areas and those relating to the past climate. The web services platform pertaining to research developed in remote mountain and sea areas will be based on Open source GeoNetwork architecture, used to create a catalogue of international standard data and metadata at the disposal of the scientific community, also complementing other forms of access. It will permit an integration of initiatives for the collection and dissemination of environmental data from research in remote high-altitude and sea areas, by establishing a dedicated General Portal for access to various existing databases and to high-altitude stations. The web portal will allow users and stakeholders to identify and access information from a wide range number of local and global sources, facilitating the consultation and use of measured data, and making available results of numerical simulations and climate projection studies. The collection and use of information will be promoted in a synergistic and integrated way so as to ensure usability and accessibility to the various stakeholders, governments, consultants, policy makers, and to all those engaged in the promotion of sustainable development in mountain and sea environments. This will encourage a better understanding of the phenomena associated with climate change, and the development of adequate mitigation and adaptation strategies.