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Model data

Servers have been made available by the institutions participating in the project using the THREDDS protocol. These servers implement the OpenDAP protocol, and allow subsetting in space and time of the data.

The currently available thredds servers are:

A summary of the available data, variables and frequencies is available:

The models and the experiments are described in deliverable 2.5.1 Census of available climate simulation.

The results of global climate simulations with the EC-Earth v2 model for the historical period 1850-2005 and for the three scenarios RCP-PD, RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 in the period 2006-2100 are described at on the EC-Earth pages at ISAC-CNR. Diagnostic plots for current test runs with the EC-Earth v3 model are also available on the same pages.

A new data extraction and subsetting tool for CMIP5 EC-Earth data is available.