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WP 2.2 Archive of the Reconstruction/Reanalysis of the Mediterranean Sea circulation

The objectives of the WP2.2 are the execution of quality control on marine historical data and atmospheric forcing data and the creation of archives of validated data, which will be assimilated in the Reconstructions/Reanalysis (RR) of the Mediterranean Sea circulation. A portal will be specifically created for accessing the RR of the Mediterranean Sea circulation at high spatial and temporal resolution for the last sixty years (1953-2014). Such portal will provide facilitated access to essential climate data, indices of data quality and derived physical and statistical products. In the past, INGV has developed various interfaces for direct data access, which allow catalogue consultation and immediate downloading through web access and ftp protocols. In Nextdata, the archive of RR will be organized through a development of metadata and specific data formats complying with international standards; the data will be available at the highest possible spatial-temporal resolution. The archive will be easily accessible and will be sub-sampled and displayed interactively. The archive will be designed according to the recent guidelines of the European INSPIRE directive and the Directive on Integrated Maritime Policy. In addition, interfaces and transformation of the time series will be developed in order to provide value-added products, such as trends and statistics on archived data.