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WP 2.4 Archives of paleoclimate data from marine sediment cores

The activities of WP2.4 aim at the creation and usability of data archives on marine sediment cores, and the associated chemical-biological data (when available). The data are validated and subject to quality control, either individually or through cross-validation with other proxy data.

Task 1. Setting up of a WebGIS devoted to the archive of marine sediment cores from the Mediterranean areas considered in the project. This step involves the analysis of core repositories and of scientific literature to identify all sites where marine sediments have been collected (continental shelf and basin environments). This first activity will generate the metadata required for the characterization of the sites, which will be integrated with the updatable WebGIS, thus constituting a basic archive of marine cores. The archive will also store and make available information and analysis data for specific cores from the Atlantic Ocean. An information archive and portal will be set up, including data obtained from studies conducted on marine sediment cores collected during the project, as well as data resulting from the analysis of other cores.

Task 2.  Creation of a numerical and physical archive of data and metadata related to Holocene Tephra layers collected and analyzed during the project.

Task 3. Contribution to the implementation of a core repository for the storage of marine sediment cores collected during the project. The sample repository will be closely related to other repositories in the Mediterranean region, in order to create an integrated database for the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the WebGIS, all data obtained from core analysis during the NextData project will be accessible online to the scientific community. The core repository could be taken as an initial step towards the establishment of a Museum of Paleoclimate.