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Photo exhibition on Italian mountain ecosystems

The Project of Interest NextData, in collaboration with the Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy, the Gran Paradiso National Park (PNGP), the Association of Italian Nature Photographers (AFNI), the Italian Society for Photographic Hunting (SICF) and the Association IBEX-NaturePhoto, is willing to organise a large photo exhibition on Italian mountain ecosystems. Goal of the exhibit is to show the beauty, richness and complexity of these mountain ecosystems and of the organisms which constitute them, combining scientific approaches and aesthetic value. All nature photographers interested in documenting and illustrating Italian mountain ecosystems are invited to contribute with their images. Further details are given in the attached document (in Italian).

High mountain ecosystems


Mountain regions host rare and important ecosystems, rich in endemic and endangered species and characterized by specific adaptations to the extreme conditions of high-altitude environments. Mountain ecosystems, however, are threated by direct anthropic pressures, such as pollution, and indirect effects, such as the impact of global warming. This short documentary movie by Marco Andreini and Paolo Fioratti describes some of the fascinating aspects of high mountain ecosystems, focusing on the specific adaptations to the high altitudes and stressing the need for a deeper understanding of the functioning of mountain ecosystems and of their response to global change.