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Observational network for monitoring the background environmental-climatic conditions

Nextdata aims in favoring the integration of an observational network in Italy based on climate observatories located in mountain, background and rural regions for the monitoring of atmosphere chemistry and specific essential climate variables.
The main goal of the network is to investigate the processes which influence the atmospheric composition (pollutants and climate-altering compounds) and its variability and to contribute towards a better assessment of related impacts to mountain ecosystems and regional-global climate.
More specifically, the activities carried out by Nextdata will be:
The execution of continuous near-surface and ground-based observations of atmospheric aerosol particles, reactive gases, greenhouse gases, short-lived climate forcers and ancillary parameters (meteorology and solar radiation).
To support the harmonization of protocols for measurements, analyses, QA/QC procedures, including the adoption of common calibration scales (e.g. GAW-WMO, ICOS-RI, ACTRIS-RI).
To contribute in setting up an integrated system for data publication and QA/QC.
To forester the activation of services for the near-real time data delivery (towards, e.g., COPERNICUS, ICOS, GAW-WMO), early warning (e.g. SDS-WAS del WMO), automated QA/QC and open-access data publication.
The specific goals of the network are:
To strength the observation programs at the observatories, with a special emphasis towards the Italian WMO/GAW Global station of Mt. Cimone.
To provide open-access to a large data-set of essential atmospheric variables with assessed quality.
To support, by sharing data, studies on mountain environment and on the ability of atmospheric/climate models in representing processes over mountain regions.
To study the processes which affect the variability (in time and space) of aerosol particles (including black carbon, mineral aerosol, volcanic ash), reactive gases, and well-mixed greenhouse gases.
Five high-mountain atmospheric observatories are the backbone of the network: Mt. Cimone (WMO/GAW global station; 2165 m), Plateau Rosa (WMO/GAW regional station, 3480 m), Col Margherita (2550 m), Mt. Portella (2912 m), Mt. Curcio (WMO/GAW regional station, 1763 m). Moreover, the WMO/GAW regional stations Capo Granitola and Lampedusa will provide complementary information about background conditions within the hearth of the Mediterranean basin.
Location and external view of the climate observatories part of Nextdata atmospheric network. In the table below, specific details are reported for each observatory