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Il mutamento climatico

The volume "Il mutamento climatico. Processi naturali e intervento umano" (in Italian) has been published. This book originates from a workshop with the same title organized in 2012 by the Academy of Sciences of Torino. In this volume, several scientists from different disciplines (Antonello Provenzale, Elisabetta Erba, Sandro Pignatti, Giuseppe Orombelli, Mario Liverani, Emanuela Guidoboni, Vincenzo Artale, Michele Brunetti, Maurizio Maugeri, Teresa Nanni, Claudia Simolo, Vincenzo Levizzani, Michael Ghil, Donatella D’Onofrio, Guido Boffetta, Claudia Pasquero, Maria Cristina Facchini, Sandro Fuzzi, Paolo Bonasoni, Angela Marinoni, Paolo Cristofanelli, Elisa Palazzi, Elisa Vuillermoz, Vinicio Pelino e Pietro Rossi) provide, with their own expertise and views, an updated and rigorous description of what we know about climate change and its effects, with a special emphasis on the Italian situation. The publication of the volume has been promoted by the Academy of Sciences of Torino, with the support of ISAC-CNR and of the Project of Interest NextData.