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Deliverables 2012-2015

Document WP File
D1.4.4-10: Climatic reconstructions and glacier modelling - Activity report WP 1.4 PDF icon D1.4.4-10.pdf
D1.5.1: Report on the definition of the available measurements and of the keysites for new drilling activities WP 1.5 PDF icon D1.5.1.pdf
D1.5.2: Report for the Mediterranean area, on the recognised (based on literature data) climatic oscillations in the last two millennia from marine cores; transmission of data to the archives and General Portal WP 1.5 PDF icon D1.5.2.pdf
D1.5.3: Report on the marine cores and on the analysis of the data; transmission of data to archives and to the General Portal. WP 1.5 PDF icon D1.5.3.pdf
D1.7.1: Analysis of terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystem changes in high-elevation regions WP 1.7 PDF icon D1.7.1.pdf
D1.7.2: WP1.7 activities in 2014 WP 1.7 PDF icon D1.7.2.pdf
D2.1.1: Census of the field data collected during the project activities WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.1.pdf
D2.1.2: Feasibility Study for the establishment of a Data Center in Hindu Kush – Karakorum – Himalaya (HKKH) WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.2.pdf
D2.1.3: Report describing the activities related to the first version of the specific portal, data transmission to the General Portal and Data Storage from the Station of Lampedusa WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.3.pdf
D2.1.4: Report describing the activities of the data elaboration center in HKKH WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.4.pdf
D2.1.5: Trial version of the specific portal; transfer of data to the General Portal WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.5.pdf
D2.1.6: Report on the activities of training and configuration of the shared system. WP 2.1 PDF icon D2.1.6.pdf
D2.2.1: Report on the in situ and satellite historical marine data and atmospheric parameters for building the Reconstruction-Reanalysis WP 2.2 PDF icon D2.2.1.pdf
D2.2.2: Report on user-friendly catalog and database WP 2.2 PDF icon D2.2.2.pdf
D2.2.3: Opening of the archives on essential climatic variables Transmission of data to General Portal WP 2.2 PDF icon D2.2.3.pdf
D2.2.4: Design and implementation of the alpha and beta archive reanalysis with comprehensive viewing and catalogue service WP 2.2 PDF icon D2.2.4.pdf
D2.3.1: Database of mountain glaciers suitable for ice core drilling WP 2.3 PDF icon D2.3.1.pdf
D2.3.2: Report on the ice core archives WP 2.3 PDF icon D2.3.2.pdf
D2.3.4_D2.3.5_D2.3.6: Databases for climatic reconstructions - Activity report WP 2.3 PDF icon D2.3.4_D2.3.5_D2.3.6.pdf
D2.4.1: Archive of sediment core data and key sites and data transmission to the General Portal WP 2.4 PDF icon D2.4.1.pdf